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Camargue Horses - Pompidou - Paris

Galerie Caprice Horn at ART COLOGNE
18 to 22 April 2007
Hall 04.2, B050 / C051

More pictures of work by M & M at Art Cologne

Artists presented: Pierre Crocquet, Daniel + Geo Fuchs, Maslen & Mehra, Nadine Rennert, Hannah van Ginkel, Ruud van Empel, Lukas Maximilian Hüller and Tae Hun Kang

The photograph which is currently very sought after by collectors is a light-hearted social satire composed with a good portion of dry humour: As in August Strinberg’s novel likewise entitled ‘The Red Room’, the Islandic photographer Sveinn Fannar Johannsson ridicules his characters by placing them in absurd positions and thus caricatures the absurd forms of social etiquette. Each scene of the series ‘Interiors of a Rural Home’ looks like a stage setting.

Banal and at the same time bizarre – the images of Sveinn Fannar Johannsson, beautifully executed, express a unique sense of laconic irony. This has now also been acknowledged by the jury of ART COLOGNE which appointed the promising artist from Europe’s Far North as one of the NEW TALENTS 2007. The complete series of ‘Interiors of a Rural Home’ will be on show, including the artist proof of ‘The Red Room’, which has been sold out.

Other artists featured by the gallery at Art Cologne include Maslen & Mehra , who will appear on the cover and as an art project in Art Es magazine in April, Lukas Maximilian Hüller, most recently acquired by the collection of Prince von Auersberg, Hannah van Ginkel and Ruud van Empel. Newcomers Pierre Crocquet and Nadine Rennert, whose work can currently be seen in the Berlin-based exhibition ‘The Power of the Objective – Sculpture today’ shown at Georg-Kolbe-Museum. Her sculptures, often created by using textiles in combination with leather and wood, deal with myth, body, violence and erotic associations. Roses turn into blood, the symbol of manhood is presented as a wooden leg – fairy tales told by Nadine Rennert are not seldom slightly disturbing. The South African Crocquet portrays human existences in post apartheid South Africa, in striking black and white photographs. Although very personal experiences unique to South Africa, it is clear that the vicissitudes of the human condition are universal.

Martin Heinig who has recently exhibited at Yan Huang Art Museum Bejing will present his newest work. Tae Hun Kang, last seen at Busan Metropolitan Art Museum and Think Think Museum Seoul, will have some of the works seen at the museum exhibitions on show for the first time in a commercial setting. We are equally pleased to announce the presentation of the new book by Daniel & Geo Fuchs about the Toys series, which can be obtained at the stand.

The main focus of the gallery’s programme remains photography, however painting and sculpture will be given literally more room. More artists require more space, thus the gallery will be moving to new premises Kochstraße 60 as from the 5th of April. The opening of the new space will be celebrated with two simultaneous exhibitions on the 27 April. On show are the solo exhibition of Sveinn Fannar Johannsons newest works in the exhibition ‘The Decision has been taken’ as well as the group show ‘Reality Bites’, dealing with the various facets of reality or what we perceive to be reality. ‘Reality bites’ will feature international renown artists such as Roger Ballen, Robert Gligorov, Erwin Olaf, Sandy Skoglund and Andres Serrano amongst others.

Galerie Caprice Horn
Kochstrasse 60
10969 Berlin