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Contemporary Artspace
London 1997-2000

Salt Creek Death Valley 2005
194.5 X 135 X 10 cm, re-used advertising displays from the Underground

Paintings by Mandy Hudson; Planetarium installation by Alan Bond
The Stars Down to Earth
Selected by Andrew Hunt

Alan Bond / Brignell and Raimes / Gordon Cheung / Giles Corby / Deborah Crofts / Robin Dixon / Susannah Hewlett / Mandy Hudson / Daniel Lehan / Maslen & Mehra / Danny Pockets / David Saunders / Dawn Shorten / Ruth Solomons / Tomoya Yamaguchi
24th June - 22nd July
Thurs/Fri/Sat: 1-5pm
Nunnery Gallery
183 Bow Road
London E3 2SJ
Marcel Baettig / 020 8709 5290 /
Jeremy Clarke / 020 8709 5293 / jclarke@bowarts.comClosest tube: Bow Road (district / Hammersmith lines)
DLR train: Bow Church

The exhibition includes diverse elements, from video documentation and sculpture to formal painting. The title of the show is taken from a collection of essays by Theodor Adorno, and was initially sparked by two separate works. The first of these, Remaking the Planetarium, is a large domed structure made of doors and other reclaimed material by Alan Bond. This will dominate the largest of the Nunnery’s three galleries. The second work by Daniel Lehan consists of a number of framed pages from the artist’s personal diary. Each page contains an entry by Lehan along with a corresponding astrological prediction from a national newspaper.

Around half of the artists present work in the form of installation, mixed media, sculpture or video. These include Giles Corby’s Floor piece Underworld, Brignell and Raimes’ DVD footage of inner and outer space, Maslen and Mehra’s defunct lightboxes taken from the London Underground contain photographs of landscapes populated by mirrored figures that displace their surroundings and natural environment, Susannah Hewlett’s absurdly theatrical video works and Danny Pockets’ posters featuring blue plastic bags caught in trees.

The other half of the artists are painters. Amongst these is Gordon Cheung, who shows dystopic images of buildings and architecture painted onto a ground of newspaper. Another painter, Dawn Shorten has produced a small series of cloud formations that convey a feeling of suspended reality. Also showing smaller scale paintings are David Saunders, Mandy Hudson, and Robin Dixon, while some large abstract works are presented by Ruth Solomons, Deborah Crofts and Tomoya Yamaguchi, whose repeated motif of white concentric circles on a black ground somehow indicates a cosmic or spiritual concern.

About Andrew HuntSince January 2006 Andrew has been Exhibitions Curator at the International Project Space, Birmingham, UK and until recently been Assistant Curator at the Norwich Gallery and EAST. His recent exhibitions include ‘Writing in Strobe’, Dicksmith Gallery (2006), John Russell ‘Geniess’, Norwich Gallery, (2005), and ‘Like Beads on an Abacus Designed to Calculate Infinity,’ Rockwell (2004). His publishing activities include Slimvolume, produced on a yearly basis since 2001. He is also Reviews Editor at Untitled, and a regular contributor to Frieze and a number of other journals.