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London 1997-2000

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We are delighted to be collaborating with street artists Shuby and DELETE and exhibiting the first experimental sculpture installation at the Towner this summer. The first realisation of work from the series Cash, Clash & Climate with support from the Arts Council of England.

Summer exhibition

Guest curated by Jonathan Watkins. Director of Ikon Gallery and artist, Saskia Olde Wolbers.

11 July - 20 September 2015 Preview 10th July 

Artists: Victoria Albuquerque Eden Kötting George Antoni Alexander Johnson Ian Baker Mike Leale Tom Banks Chris Liddiard Ben Browton Alice Mara Melissa Campbell Maslen & Mehra in collaboration with Shuby and Delete
Philip Cole Nicholas May Alex Currie Terry McCormack David Rees Davis David Muchmore Brian Deighton Danny Pockets Alexandra Drawbridge Guyan Porter Gary Edwards George Robertson Gabrielle Farah Scott Robertson Ros Faram Brian Rybolt Gary Goodman David Slack Charlotte Lambert-Gorwyn Mike Stoakes Scanlon&Grivell Wycliffe Stutchbury Mick Hawksworth Michael Tierney Christopher Hoggins Andrew Voyce hris Shaw Hughes Lynn Weddle Andrew Kötting Susan Mackey Ida Holbrook Glen Jo Walke

Maslen & Mehra's sculpture installation, Cash, is comprised of a series of papier-mâché plates based on ceramics housed in museum collections around the world. In order to research ceramics, the artists have made multiple visits to the Victoria & Albert and British Museums, London; Mares Museum, Barcelona; the Metropolitan Museum, New York; the Archaeological Museum and the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Istanbul; the Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy and the Asian Museum of Civilization in Singapore. The narratives of each original plate are altered to highlight a variety of ideas tied to a trilogy of themes, Cash, Clash & Climate.

For the installation exhibited at the Towner, Maslen & Mehra focus on the theme, Cash. The sculptures are exhibited on a bespoke, furniture-like structure. Local street artists, Shuby and Delete, have been invited to add their work to the surface of the ‘furniture’ in response to the theme. The layered effect is created by the two artists’ differing approaches, imagery, ideas and methodologies.

Cash: For this collection, the works explore bailouts, credit culture, money made from war, housing bubbles, the commodification of food staples and the almost religious status that money has reached in our times.

Rescue focuses on bank bailouts in the UK. In 2008 a bank rescue package of over £500 billion was made in response to the global financial crisis and worries about the stability of British banks. British banks that were rescued include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and Bradford & Bingley. Their logos are illustrated on the rim of the plate.

War Bucks features companies that make millions from war: BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin are all featured.

Bubble Trouble refers to the idea of a housing bubble: an economic bubble, which can cause havoc in the housing market with devastating results such as loss of investment, foreclosures and homelessness.