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London 1997-2000

Because There Is Nothing On This Green Earth That Is Stronger Than

This low-fi animation created by collaborative artists Maslen & Mehra in 2008 was created from a series of still photographs taken in Times Square New York. The focal point of the scene is the military recruitment office and the large-scale screen, which serves its advertising needs. The artists carefully documented every screen as it appeared to the public. In the animation plants slowly engulf the scene as the screen delivers a barrage of mesmerising military slogans and images. The last frame sees the screen almost completely engulfed by plants, the words 'Because there is nothing on this green earth that is stronger than' are just visible through the creeping vines. The animation was painstakingly created from photographic stills and the plants were rendered from drawings and authentic military camouflage patterns.

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Walk On The Wild Side

Maslen & Mehra in collaboration with Riz Maslen (aka Neotropic)

Synopsis: Two figures move through a landscape revealing clues of their location only within their shadows. The soundtrack plays on the tongue in cheek humour of spaghetti westerns and cleverly creates a growing sense of anticipation as the figures move towards their unknown destination.
This short film was produced in 2009 by renowned electronic artist Riz Maslen (aka Neotropic) and collaborative artists Maslen & Mehra. They worked as a team to produce the soundtrack which is a pastiche of Ennio Morricones', The Good The Bad and The Ugly. This was a true collaboration; the visual artists were encouraged to participate wholly in the making of the soundtrack with contributions in overall sound production, vocals and even instrumental; the sound artist collaborated on the editing and production of the visuals. Walk On The Wild Side is a low-fi film which reflects the experimental approach of the individuals artists involved

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